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Four Ways To Revamp Your Outdoor Grilling Space

Four Ways To Revamp Your Outdoor Grilling Space

A fully-equipped outdoor kitchen isn’t just great for backyard barbecues, It’s also convenient for anyone who likes to spend time outside! If you’re interested in making your own grilling station or simply having a place to set out food for guests, this is the season to make upgrades! Cooking should not just be limited to your kitchen, that’s why this summer, take advantage of the great weather we have been having and enjoy your meals outside! 


Add in a Space to Prep

Whether you have an outdoor sink plumbed or simply add a freestanding work table, a well-positioned prep area is what will transform just a grill into a true outdoor kitchen. Be sure to include an easy-clean work surface and some storage for frequently used tools.


Add a Roof 

If your grill is out in the open, consider adding a shelter to protect the cook in a sudden downpour. Just be sure that any structure is a safe distance from the grill to avoid fires.  If you do have a roof over your grill area, you can use your outdoor grill all year long if you add plastic walls to keep the heat in during the winter months!


Have a Good Space For Utensils

An important part of grilling out is having the proper utensils necessary to make your food! When you are thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, make sure you take storage space into account. You can include cabinetry below your grills that would be perfect for all your grilling supplies. Another great option is to hide your propane tanks under the cabinets so they are out of sight when you have guests over! 


Determine What Grill You Want 

While a gas or propane grill itself may be more expensive than a charcoal grill, they’re the most cost-effective choice in the long run because the utility costs are cheaper than buying charcoal. With a gas grill, you need to have lines laid beneath the ground, which may require a permit from your city. Propane grills can either be connected to gas or used with refillable canisters! 

There is also a taste difference in grills. Charcoal grills will have a more smoky flavor, while gas grills have a more mild flavor. If you can’t decide on a gas or charcoal grill, you could install both if you have the counter space! This will allow you to have more options when it comes to grilling! 


Installing an outdoor cooking space might be your best decision yet this summer.  An outdoor kitchen will also add a ton of value to your home! Enjoy the nice weather and your meals in your new space, perfect for entertaining!