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Six Benefits of Building Your Own Home

Six Benefits of Building Your Own Home

Building your own home is a complex process. You will have to find and buy the land, which can limit your choices of a neighborhood. You will need to hire an architect or development company, and while it is exciting to select almost every piece and finish of your soon-to-be house, being that involved can become overwhelming. But before you decide that building your own home is too much for you to handle, read through the following benefits to see whether starting from scratch is right for you.




This benefit is the most obvious. Many home builders allow buyers to participate in the process of designing their property, which gives you a home that perfectly aligns with your own personal tastes. Decisions such as bathroom location, type of flooring, and exterior paint will help the home feel like yours. You are going to get what you want in the design, trim, and landscape of the house, but there are even more pros to building your own home that you might be aware of yet.


Energy Efficiency


Custom homes give you the opportunity to install the latest and greatest energy-saving equipment. Newly built homes are constructed to include better HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling) systems and comply with higher,  modern insulation and air-filtration standards. New construction offers better sturdier construction methods that will keep your home the temperature you want without using as much energy, benefitting both the environment and your wallet when you consider the money you will save on utilities.


Less Maintenance


New homes require less maintenance because they are built with better equipment, systems, and construction practices -- all relatively recent innovations in home building. Older houses will need repairs or replacements before a newly built home, as heaters, air conditioners, and water tanks in pre-owned homes will have aged over time. These costs don’t include what it may cost to make cosmetic changes that will fit your style.


Fire Safety


New homes typically include fire-safety features that are probably not in properties built years ago. If you choose to have carpeting, contractors will offer retardant in the flooring. They will also use fire-retardant insulation. New construction requires hard-wired smoke detectors to be included in your home. Hard-wired smoke detectors run on the electricity of the house and include battery backup if the power goes out -- a more reliable solution than battery-operated only detectors.


Environmentally Friendly


Custom homes are more environmentally friendly than older properties. You also have the ability to include alternative energy sources like solar panels. A new home will not have the risk of exposure to toxic materials like lead paint and asbestos, which were used frequently in homes constructed up to 20 to 30 years ago.




Another benefit of building your own home is the fact that you usually receive a warranty on all the construction and the individual components of the house. Combine the warranties with the fact that all of your appliances are new, and you can rest assured you have at least ten years until you will need to think about replacing anything.


Building a home can be a timely and exhausting process, but it will ensure that you have your dream home.  Before building, weigh your pros and cons and then enjoy the process of seeing your home built from the ground up!